How To Create A Logo In Canva For Free

How To Create A Quick & Simple Logo In Canva For Free

By Harriet
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Having a logo for the products which you sell online allows you to create an identity. It can help you turn a generic product into something more unique and give it extra perceived value. Plus, if you’re selling on a platform like Amazon, it can help you to stand out and offer some security against hijackers.

There are websites like 99designs where you can brief designers to develop a logo for you – but if you’re on a budget, then you can easily do it yourself, for free.

So follow this guide to find out how to create a quick and simple logo in Canva for free…

1. Have a quick look in the relevant market to see whether there is already a trademark in the relevant class against the term you are going to use. For example, if you plan to sell in America, check the USPTO. If you plan to sell in the UK, check the IPO.

2. Once you’ve checked your brand name isn’t in use, head over to

3. On the left-hand column, click on Templates.

4. Then click on Logo

how to design a logo in canva for free

5. Browse the different styles of logos, and choose the one you like the look of

how to create logo yourself

6. Update the copy with your brand name

7. Update any colors or fonts if you want (although bear in mind that Canva pair fonts & colors well together!)

8. If you like – add a subheading to identify your market, explain what you do, or outline a service you offer. This isn’t necessary, sometimes shorter is sweeter.

9. Although Canva saves you work automatically (like Google Drive) it’s always worth saving manually before you close the window. To do this, click on the button in the top right of the screen > Download > Choose the file size (PNG, JPEG or PDF)

10. Your image is now ready!

You may want to remove the background. This is a feature for paid members in Canva; however, you can do this for free at

  • Upload your image – Click Browse under Edit a Photo
  • Under Edit – Select Transparent Background
  • Click on the background color you want to remove
  • Save image as a PNG

What Next?

  • You could send this image to a designer on Fiverr or Upwork with further instructions to give them an idea of what you are looking for so they can make a logo that’s more unique to you.
  • You can send the image to your supplier or manufacturer and ask them to add the logo to your product
  • You can add the logo design to the packaging design and/or insert card too
  • You can upload to your social media profile pages for your profile pictures

Don’t forget, you don’t have to stay with the first logo you launch, and you can always update it at a later date. So, you could do something yourself to start with (which is free) and then update it when you’ve made some sales and have a bit more budget to spend. However you choose to design your logo, we hope you have fun!

  • Jeff James Freedom45 Ltd says:

    Great article Harriet, I enjoy reading your work.

    I love Canva and have used if for my video thumbnails for a while now. I wanted to design my own logo too, yes becuase of the cost of a designer, but because like that control over my ideas and enjoy the creative side of this process.

    I had issues about the Vector files going over to the supplier, Ai or PSD. even though I had converted them using NCH illustrator draw pad for free, the suppliers didn’t want that .svg format.

    I didn’t want to have to buy Adobe ps or Illustrator, but I found a great way of converting files using this free online app called:
    that way you do not have to use adobe at $**crazy money per month.
    useful for others using your article to know.

    BW Jeff.


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