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ImportXperts Brand New Updates

By Harriet
Reading Time: 4 minutes

We’ve had a huge makeover over at ImportXperts.

We’re not talking about a few tweaks, here and there… We’re talking about BIG changes that we’ve implemented to help you get what you need, faster. And ultimately, to help you propel your business into a success.

Now, you might remember that recently we asked for your feedback.

What did you like, what did you struggle with, and what did you want to change?

Well, we’ve listened to you.

Every issue you had and every suggestion you made has gone into our bank of ideas that have shaped our transformation. And we thank you so much for helping us!

So without further ado… Let’s get into the exciting new updates and more importantly, how they can benefit you.

So what’s changed?

First things first, our website has a cleaner, more improved appearance… but we know looks aren’t everything.

Hopefully, our new features will help you find your way around the training better, and therefore have a more enjoyable experience too!

Customized Dashboard To Give You Bespoke Guidance

We’ve created a brand new training dashboard to help you progress through the course. As well as a cleaner interface, you might notice the brand new, “My Task” notifications.

These notifications should guide you through the course, keeping you on track to tick off your tasks so that you are always on the right path for success.

You’ll also be assigned bespoke tasks that your coach can set you based on your calls and goals. This will help ensure you get the most customized training based on your needs.

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New & Improved Training Area

We’ve got a new-and-improved training area with clear notes to guide you through the course. And the area is in preparation for a new curriculum coming soon.

importxperts updates training


We’ve created a specific area for our webinars so you can easily register for the upcoming webinars at the click of a button.

And don’t forget, you can catch up on any of our valuable webinars in our Media Lounge – so even if you’ve missed one, you will still be able to easily catch up.

importxperts updates webinar

Media Lounge

We’ve updated the Media Lounge to make it easier for members to browse through inspirational videos and catch up on webinar recordings.

We’ve improved the keyword search functionality so you can easily find content around specific topics. And you can also rate videos which will help other members know instantly which videos are the most popular and most useful.

Hopefully, it’ll be like the Netflix of eCom education!

importxperts updates media lounge

Our Educational Blog Is Now Live

Well, there’s no need to tell you how awesome our brand new blog is as you are already here! We’ll be updating this regularly with relevant news, tips, and member success stores to keep you always updated and motivated.

From “12 Shopify apps that can transform your website” to how to use Instagram stories, and success stories about around “How Tony & Ness Hales increased their sales by 1000% in 1 year” – there’s plenty of articles to give you ideas and inspiration to build your own business.

importxperts updates blog

Events Page

We have a new area where you can find all the latest & greatest events. These include ImportXperts workshops, our trips to China, trade fairs, exhibitions, and member meet-ups too.  It’s easy to register with one click, so you never have to miss an event again.

importxperts update events

Better Mobile Experience

And finally – all of this will run significantly better on your phone.

Whether you’ve got Android or iPhone, we’ve rebuilt the whole website focusing on mobile-first so that you can easily access everything from your tablet or mobile phone.

This means that if you’re on a bus, train or even in the bath, you can simply log in and continue your training.

And don’t forget… Reach Out To Us On Live Chat!

You can easily reach out to us via live chat within your dashboard – if you have any questions or need any support.

We’d love to invite you to hop into our brand new training dashboard and welcome any thoughts.

We’re constantly striving to do things better so this won’t be the end of our updates. And if you’ve got any comments or feedback – please do comment or email us to let us know.

Our goal is to create a course that helps YOU as much as we can.

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