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How to Add ‘Made in China’ to your FNSKU Label

By Harriet
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Amazon will require that the country of origin/manufacture is displayed somewhere on the product or packaging. This guide will outline a way to add it to your FNSKU label using either a label printer or laser printer.

(NB: Amazon doesn’t like inkjet printers as the ink is prone to run when in contact with water. Their requirements can be found here)

Here’s what you will need:

  • A PDF of your FNSKU barcode (if you haven’t created this yet, follow this guide for how to create your FNSKU label)
  • Adobe PDF reader or Foxit PDF reader
  • Label Printer or Laser Printer
  • Sticky Paper / Labels

Using a Label Printer

(A Dymo 4XL is used in this example)

  1. Create a snapshot of your FNSKU from the PDF use either Adobe or Foxit
    • Enlarge the image to get a good clear image
    • Click Edit
    • Click Take a Snapshot
    • Grab the image

2. In your printer admin panel, choose a suitable label size (32mm x 57mm has been used in this example)

  • The snapshot has been saved as an image to your clipboard.
  • Next, you will need to add an image and then use the clipboard as the source
  • Expand the image but leave enough room to add some text

3. After you have added the image and expanded it

  • Add a text/address box
  • Type in “Made in China” (or wherever it’s made)
  • Position the text

4. Your labels are now ready to print on your sticky paper

how to add made in china to fnsku barcode

Using a Laser Printer

1. Open the PDF in Foxit

  • Enlarge it to 200%
  • Click on Typewriter to add text
  • Position the text box
  • Type in “Made in China” (or wherever it’s made)
  • Reposition the text

2. Repeat for the other FNSKU labels on the page

If you don’t have a laser printer, then you can outsource this to a local printer. Be careful if you use an inkjet printer as the ink will run and smudge when it gets wet and will make it very difficult for the Amazon FBA staff to use.


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